Love commands that we honor the reputation of others.
Criticism is distinct from fraternal correction

Criticism is not rooted in love. Normally we avoid it if the person is present and we try to keep it secret from them.

A Priest's Dilemma

If a priest preaches over ten minutes, he is long-winded
If his sermon is short, he did not prepare it

If the parish funds are high, he is a businessman
If he mentions money, he is money-mad

If he visits his parishioners, he is nosy
If he has fairs and bazaars, he is bleeding the people

If he does not, there is no life in the parish
If he takes time in confession to help and advise sinners, he takes too long

If he does not, he does not care
If he celebrates the liturgy in a quiet voice, he is a bore

If he puts feeling into it, he is an actor
If he starts Mass on time, his watch is fast

If he starts late, he is holding up the people
If he tries to lead the people in music, he is showing off

If he does not, he does not care what Mass is like
If he decorates the church, he is wasting money

If he does not, he is letting it run down
If he is young, he is not experienced

If he is old, he ought to retire
If he dies, well, there was nobody like him and there will never be his equal again!

(Seen in a Sunday church bulletin)

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