Never Despair

Despair is on of Satan's greatest temptations.  He wants us to believe that we simply are to weak to remain faithful to the Lord under attack. We must identify this as a lie and immediately turn to the Lord. 

Sometimes, on our journey and in our life of faith, we can sense our poverty, our inadequacy in the face of the witness we must offer to the world. However God chose, precisely, a humble woman, in an unknown village, in one of the most distant provinces of the great Roman Empire. We must always trust in God, even in the face of the most gruelling difficulties, renewing our faith in his presence and action in our history, just as in Mary’s. Nothing is impossible to God! With him our existence always journeys on safe ground and is open to a future of firm hope.  -Benedict XVI, First Audience of 2013


Benedict XVI
"Mary tells us that, however far a man may fall, he never falls beyond the reach of God, who has descended even into hell. However far astray our heart may be led, God is always 'greater than our heart'. The soft breath of Grace (God's love) can disperse the darkest clouds, and make life beautiful and rich in meaning even in the most inhumane situations."  Dec 6, 2012


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