-Pope Francis, May 21, 2013 >>> 
He is referring to a homeless shelter of the Missionaries of Charity. So all types of Christian homes should have these qualities:

When we say "home" we mean a place of hospitality, a dwelling, a pleasant human environment where one stays readily, finds oneself, feels inserted into a territory, in a community. Yet more profoundly, "home" is a word with a typically familiar flavour, which recalls warmth, affection, the love that can be felt in a family. Hence the "home" represents the most precious human treasures, that of encounter, that of relations among people, different in age, culture and history, but who live together and together help one another to grow. For this reason, the "home" is a crucial place in life, where life grows and can be fulfilled, because it is a place in which every person learns to receive love and to give love. This is "home". 


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