Sun Cross at Keys

The glorious cross at sunrise
Photo taken by Fr. Ron Sciera at the Fl. Keys. He had never taken a picture with his phone and didnt even know how to do it. This image has not been in any way manipulated. Notice the cross emerges at the end of the water path. Taken in Feb, 2012, a few days before Ash Wed.

Notice too the cloud that resembles the Holy Spirit flying over the blue sky above!

A few days earlier, on 1/26/2012, the Lord had told us:

The time is near, quickly approaching. Are you responding fully, My little ones? Are you ready, for the great and terrible day is upon you? You are My people. I have been forming you for the battle that draws near. Are you ready My family? Heaven watches with anticipation for soon the eyes of many will contemplate My glorious Cross upon the sky. Raise up My hidden martyrs of love for the decisive battle that draws near. Call forth My victims of love, for it is they that are the passage for the Queen of Heaven to usher in the new Pentecost for the world..

Let us pray and respond!

Love Crucified