Pierced HeartNest your Children in the Heart of Jesus

Saint Bonaventure asks parents to hide their children in the open side of Jesus as a sparrow hides her chicks in a nest. It is a wonderful image for parents to contemplate:

"Arise, then, beloved of Christ! Imitate the dove that nests in a hole in the cliff, keeping watch at the entrance like the sparrow that finds a home. There like the turtledove hide your little ones, the fruit of your chaste love. Press your lips to the fountain, draw water from the wells of your Savior; for this is the spring flowing out of the middle of paradise, dividing into four rivers, inundating devout hearts, watering the whole earth and making it fertile."

- Saint Bonaventure, Opusculum 3, Lignum vitae, 29-30. 47: Opera omnia 8, 79.

We should daily place our little children into the side of Jesus. We parents should press our lips to his heart and receive the life-giving water of everlasting life. All goodness and life flows from His Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Practical ways that parents can put this into practice: Every evening pray with your children the family rosary and bless them, spend time with them and share stories about Jesus and the saints.  Protect them from the snares do the devil coming through the media and culture!  Be attentive to their TV, computers and phone. Explain the dangers and tell them never to fear to tell you anything. LIVE who you are and thus give them example.  


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