You are the image of Father God.
Stop giving excuses.
Don't dispair but accept responsibility!
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Pope Francis on Fatherhood
Jan 28, 2015, Excerpts of Audience. >>>

The word “Father” is particularly dear to Christians because Jesus taught us to use it in our prayer. The blessed mystery of the intimacy of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is the heart of our Christian faith.

Fathers often so concentrate on themselves and on their work and sometimes on their individual accomplishments, that they forget even their family.

The deviances of children and adolescents can be largely attributed to this lack (of fathers).

Fathers also fall short when they forget they are fathers and instead strive to be companions who are “on par” with their children, he continued. Fathers are called to fulfill an educational task: by word and example, they should offer principles, values, and rules of life that children need, just as they need food.

Civil society, too, has a fatherly task, but it has left children orphans who dream of entertainment and pleasures, who “are deluded by the god of money and denied true riches.”


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