The Pastoral Approach to Marriage Should be Founded on Truth -Cardinal Ratzinger

"The Husband and wife should be like the hand and the eye. When the hand and hurts, the eye shoud be crying and when the eye is crying the hand should wipe the tears" St. John Chrysostom

Chesterton: "People do not know what they are doing because they do not know what they are undoing".

Marriage Preparation  Beloved DVD set
Protecting Marriage- I   Creating Communities Centered on Marriage - II
Defense of Marriage  Marriage is the union of one man and one woman to be fruitful and  faithful forever. 
One man one woman, why

Living together: 5 secular reasons not to live together before marriage
-TOB Healing has retreats for married, engaged, other; counseling etc. Bob Schuchts
Retrouvaille -for marriages in trouble.

Rite of Marriage: The Cross of Christ
Marriage, witnessing to the world - Rev. Rick Warren

Saint in a forced marriage St. Frances of Rome

Pregnancy -
great books
Infertility Book: "Infertility Companion for Catholics" -Carmen Santamaria & Angelique Ruhi-Lopez, Ave Maria Press.

Reception of Holy Communion by Divorced and Re-Married -Card. Ratzinger.
Divorced and Remarried and Church - Pope Benedict XVI
Divorced and abandoned spouses 
-Recognizing value of their sacrifice.





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