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Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids 
Ray Guarendi (Author)

Author, counselor, broadcaster and dad, Dr. Ray Guarendi, offers parents fresh and practical advice about disciplining children. Although contemporary culture has given discipline a spanking, says the author, it remains an important, God-given tool for parents to form their children’s character and to teach them the basics of living, moral responsibility, and respect.

Parenting With Grace
Gregory K. Popcak (Author) , Lisa Popcak (Author)

Family therapist and parent, Gregory Popcak, and his wife, Lisa, are back with their second edition of Parenting with Grace: The Catholic Parents' Guide to Raising almost Perfect Kids. This latest updated version continue to guide parents through each stage of child development from infancy to adolescence, offering additional age-specific advice on parenting with grace. 

Filled with honesty, practical examples, and thought-provoking quizzes, Parenting with Grace 2nd Edition helps parents discover their own Godgiven instructional manual for creating a highly individualized, completely Catholic parenting plan for raising their children.

This book provides practical advice through a unique combination of orthodox theology with contemporary psychology and plenty of good humor for all Catholic parents to use in raising almost perfect kids.

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