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Icon of the Spouse
Source / similar icon by GiovanniMessuti


Spousal union with Christ
Fr. Jordi Rivero
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The XII century icon above reminds us that Jesus is the Spouse. Here He is depicted as the Spouse of Mary who prefigures both the Church and each person who enters the waters of Baptism to share in His death and Resurrection. But to be truly a spouse we must rejoice and suffer with Him.  

Mary's hands on the icon (above) point to the pierced side of Jesus which is the center. This illustrates that, through her suffering with Him in His sacrifice of love, she becomes the guide for all to enter His Sacred Heart. While it is the Holy Spirit who gives us access to the Sacred Heart, He is most active in Mary, His spouse. That is why Marian Consecration is so important. The more we submit to Mary the more we enter the union of love with Christ as spouses. We must die to ourselves and embrace with Mary the spousal covenant.

We enter with Mary through the pierced side into the sacred dwelling of spousal union which is the Sacred Heart. The above is a magnificent icon of this mystery. It also represents beautifully the vocation of the Mothers of the Cross!


Capella della Madona, Sacro Speco, Subiaco, Italy.

Background words are from Song of Songs

Christ Spouse
Choir of the Monastery of Santa Maria, de Monteluce, Perugia ,Italy





Christ Spouse

Christ Spouse

This mystery is great and I refer it to Christ and the Church (Ef 5:32)  source

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