O God the Holy Spirit, we adore and bless Thee as the Father of Love and the divine bridegroom of the most pure Virgin Mary. We humbly thank Thee and praise Thee for the abundance of grace and beauty of virtue, and especially for the privilege of the Immaculate Conception, with which Thou didst adorn our Rosa Mystica

By her purity we beseech Thee to purify our hearts, too, from all blemish of sin, and protect us from the pernicious spirit of impurity. Out of love for Thy spotless bride, graciously grant us again that innocence with which Thou didst clothe us in Holy Baptism.

O most gracious Holy Spirit, Thou divine flame of love, kindle in our hearts a reverent love for Mary, our most kind Mother.

Support us with Thy grace that we may serve Thee as true children with chaste bodies and pure hearts, and thus please and honor our immaculate mother. Amen.


Love Crucified