Venerable Felix Rougier

He met Ven. Conchita Feb. 4, 1903 in the confessional. He had just finished making a Novena to the Holy Spirit to help make him a more fervent priest. Conchita had gone to Confession earlier that day but felt a call to get off the tram and go to Confession again. This was definitely a Divine Appointment. She read his soul and could see his desire to grow spiritually. Page 82 gGod showed him new horizons and invited him to follow Jesus more closely, carrying His Cross, on the way to Calvary, to fulfill the will of the Father and save his brothers and sisters. And Fr. Felix decided to follow Christ, Priest and Victim.

After a year which he considered to be ghis novitiateh on the new path of the Works of the Cross, he asked his superiors for permission to establish the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit because the Lord asked him to do so.

They made fun of him. They considered him deluded. They denied him the permission. They sent him to beg and teach childrenc (far away from Conchita, in another country)

For 10 years, he obeyed, suffered and trusted in God. For 10 years, he surrendered to the will of God without reservation.

In 1914, he obtained the desired permission, but only for 2 years. He returned to Mexico at age 53 and found it in the worst moment of its history. (during the Mexican persecution.) Without wasting a day, he started to struggle to fulfill the task that the Lord entrusted to him.

But the temporary permissions expired, 3 times for 2 years and once for 5. And each time, the humble founder was ready to obey, to leave everything if that was Godfs will,"and to go to the remotest island in Oceania missions."

Finally, after 11 yrs of anguish over deadlines, he was granted the final permission: he was now a Missionary of the Holy Spirit forever. But just then, the religious persecution hit him with all its violence. They closed his churches, confiscated his houses and persecuted him with the intention of killing him. Moreover, he accepted everything because "God permits it and He is above all our Father." And he encouraged the depressed and consoled the downtrodden and prayed for his enemies, and yearned to give his life for his Lord.

Since 1903, Jesus had invited him to climb His Cross. And he remained there for 33 years: 5 in Barcelona, 5 in St. Chamond and 23 in Mexico during the revolution. What perseverance! What fortitude!

Martyrdom would have been easier. But God wanted Fr. Felix to be the model for those who accept the Cross of Christ by remaining nailed to it every day with unalterable tenacity until the Cross of illness breaks the Cross of this life and the glorious light of Easter appears.


Loving attention to God: gDo you know the sunflower? "Well, just as the flower follows the sun from morning till night, so our heart can be looking for God all day, and this is LOVING ATTENTION". Pg. 100

Fr. Felix lived in the presence of God. "Hundreds of times we heard him summarize his talks in a way which characterized him; he would close his eyes and say slowly: "God" "God" "God" "God", "only God". "My health is not very good; I am really full of ailments but the presence of God does not leave me even for a moment." Pg 100

Holy Eucharist in union with Mary- "We never saw him hurry.h "Offer to the Father the only perfect victim, which is Jesus, in union with our Mother Mary, who offers Him always in heaven; unite yourselves to her intentions which are so wise, to her great love for all. With her, offer Jesus to the Father asking that His kingdom come and that His will be done on earth. But offer yourselves with Jesus, unconditionally, for the Father to do what He will with your lives, without fear, because no one loves you as does that Father of infinite goodness." Pg. 101

Union with Jesus to go to the Father under the impulse of the Spirit , is the center of all our spiritual life. But let us not lose sight of the fact that it is the Father who first leads us to Jesus: "No one comes to me if my Father does not bring him." Pg 131

The Father is LIFE, TENDERNESS, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, PROMISE. His Fatherhood embraces all. Let us go to the Father, to the Father of Jesus and our Father. It is impossible to call on the Father without receiving an abundance of spiritual gifts because He is the beginning and source of every gift, in heaven and on earth." Pg. 133

JESUS..  JESUS, JESUS We live each day in love of Jesus. The gaze of the resurrected Jesus is one of infinite and incomparable love for each one of us. eHe lives always to intercede for us before the Fatherf (Heb, 7:25), and obtains for us more and more favors, more and more forgiveness, more and more mercy.

In the midst of the bright, arid periods of faith..always bear in mind, at all times, that Jesus is looking at you, and that gaze is of pure love, and envelops each of our souls in His very Soul. Pg 146

THE HOLY SPIRIT, YES! YES! LET EVERYONE BE CONSECRATED To the Holy Spirit, the most gentle spirit of the Father and the Son, and let there not exist a single heart where Love, Union and Peace do not abide.

We firmly believe that the reign of the Holy Spirit on earth will put an end to hatred, will sow fraternal love in our hearts, and unite all persons truly as brothers and sisters, bringing about the only true peace.h gHow many souls, desirous of perfection are stagnant because they do not invoke the Holy Spirit, they have forgotten him throughout their spiritual life. They wish to be saints without the Sanctifier. But we cannot ask the Holy Spirit to come and possess us if there are obstacles in us to an intimate union with Him.   Pg 155

And it isn't just a matter of receiving the Holy Spirit. It is also necessary to make this treasure bear fruit. How many receive the Holy Spirit in Baptism and Confirmation, and how few are those who cultivate His gifts and friendship!

And we, do we truly love Him, consult Him, speak to Him, and are attentive to His inspirations?   Pg 156


By Ven Fr. Felix Rougier, M.Sp.S

Holy Spirit, today I wish to renew my total consecration to You, because you are the One whom the Father and the Son have sent, you are the Paraclete Jesus promised. I therefore consecrate to you all my being so that you can possess me completely and have absolute power over me, without limits or restrictions of any kind. I want you to be my Guide, my Light, my Strength, and all the love of my soul. I abandon myself without reservation to your Divine Will, and I ask for the incomparable grace of always being docile to your inspirations.

I consecrate my soul so it will always be your temple; my memory so that you will always remind me of the words and actions of Jesus; my heart with all its emotions, so that captivated by the delights of Divine Love I will find in You interior peace, your consolations, gifts and fruits.

In short, I consecrate to you, my body and all I have and am, so that, fully possessed by you, Spirit of love, I can be your apostle and bring thousands of souls to love You. Love me more and more, and may your love sanctify me and all those I love. Amen   Pg 155



Love Crucified