Santa GemmaSaint Gemma Galgani

Saint Gemma is a victims soul who offered herself in reparation for priests.  She found the path of union which is Christ Crucified. 

"She bore in her flesh the wounds of Christ"
-Pope Pius XI

St. Gemma:
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Union with the Jesus crucified and miraculous crucifix
Gemma offered self for priests and nuns.

Escritos de St Gemma

The glance of Jesus moves us to console Him
"My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak, weak because I am so lazy.
What would I not do for Jesus! For anyone who had just one of His glances, it would suffice; what force, what vigor he would feel! I feel that I would do anything for Him to see Him content; the greatest torment would seem to me easy to bear supported by Him, every drop of my blood I would give willingly, and all to satisfy Him, to prevent poor sinners from offending Him. My God, what do I say? I should wish my voice to reach to the uttermost ends of the earth; I should wish to have all sinners understand me.  I should want to cry out to them: 'Rather than insult Jesus, prefer to be insulted yourselves.' If you knew, Father, how Jesus is afflicted in certain moments at certain times! Oh, it is not possible to bear the sight of Him longing and, yet, how few are those who suffer with Him? Very few, and Jesus finds Himself almost alone. It is so sad to see Jesus in the midst of sorrows! But how can one see Him in that state and not aid Him?

To see Jesus in tears pierces my heart
Oh, when I see Jesus in tears it pierces my heart. I realize that I, by my sins, have increased the suffering which overwhelmed Him while He prayed in the garden. At that moment, Jesus saw all my sins, all my failings, and He saw also that place I should have occupied in hell, if Thy Heart, oh Jesus, had not pardoned me.


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