Interview-with-bishop-Robert-Barron-on the hot issues
"In the face of evil, suffering, and sin, the only response possible for a disciple of Jesus is the gift of self," -Pope Francis World Youth Day, 2016
Patriarch laments that the West is involved in the destruction of Syria
That-Pope-Francis!-by Mark Mallet
Gentleman, How Are YOU Doing?
Christians Blamed and Persecuted
In 64AD Rome burned and Emperor Nero blamed Christians whom he then indiscriminately persecuted. Today we are going in the same direction including North America, Europe and Australia. Christians are increasingly accussed of being hateful and of inciting violence simply for upholding Christian values, specially in the area of sexuality and marriage. We are being coherced to give up our faith and embrace the politically correct views or face punishment.
Little Souls
Kathy T. Andre
Visitation: Feast of the Hidden
Kathy T. Andre
Movie: Full of Grace
Amoris Laeticia (Pope Francis on the Family) with commentaries
Divine Mercy Sunday Reflection and Adoration. Bilingual. Fr. Ron Sciera and Lourdes Pinto
My Covenant With Love Crucified
Interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 
What is Salvation?
Men: Know who you are
For God's Sake Wake Up to What is Happening!
What we mean by Love Crucified
Telemachus stopped the killing at Colosseum
Reclaim your family
Accompaniment in Christ
Fraternal Life
Words and Warnings
Mark Mallet
Important summary of the signs of our times
Men Need to be Spiritual Bastions of their family
Laudate Si - Summary
Understanding the Marian Dimension
Victim Soul : Greatest Gift
The Vocation of Love Crucified Community
Lourdes Pinto
“They Shall be the True Apostles of the Latter Times”
St. Louis Montfort
The-Bridegroom and the Holy Spirit
Fr. Jordi Rivero
Priest 21 years in prison