Animals Should not be Regarded as Persons
Fr. Jordi Rivero

All of God´s creation is His gift to be admired and utilized wisely. However our culture is falling into such darkness as to put animals before human beings. This occurs gradually as we loose respect for the intrinsic value of all human beings as sons and daughters of God. It begins by bestowing and seeking to much attention from pets at the expense of human beings.  

The Catechism treats this topic in #2415-2418. 

In a study by Richard Topolski of Georgia Regents University and his colleagues, which appeared in the journal Anthrozoos (2013), researchers asked respondents which they would save from a runaway bus: a dog or a human being. The conclusions were remarkable: Forty percent of respondents, including 46 percent of women, said they would save their dog over a foreign tourist.

Nearly all respondents reported they would save a sibling or best friend instead of a strange dog. But when asked to choose between their own dog and people less familiar to them, most chose the dog.  Read more

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