JesusJesus the rejected King
Fr. Jordi Rivero, Nov 13, 2012

A message is circulating in the web that says: "No matter who is President, Jesus is King". Yes, He is. But the question is: Do we really want Him to be? Do we allow Him to rule or are we crucifying Him anew? We like to feel religious but do we have the faith that leads to the obedience of a disciple? The truth is that the King leads to the cross but few go with Him. Most choose to live and love according to the world. In the words of Benedict XVI,"Christianity runs the danger of becoming for many a 'secondary habit'". If we are to be faithful under the present circumstances we need to train for battle and be ready to pay the price.

Once settled on the land, the Israelites wanted to take control of their own lives. Until then God had been their Lord and King but now they wanted to be like the nations around them. By choosing their own king they thought new freedoms. So they sent the prophet Samuel to demand from God a king to rule over them (cf. I Samuel 8)After Saul was  appointed king, the Israel continued in their foolish path until they were conquered by their enemies.  

The drive to eliminate Christian culture is well under way. Call it "separation of Church and State", "New normal" or "rights". What is really taking place is the abolition of God and freedom of religion. But, since we cannot live without a master, we are giving government and the new rulers increasing power over our lives. They now dictate a new morality, funding the extermination of the unborn, robbing children of their innocence, promoting lewd conduct, persecuting those who resist. Without God we are blind to it all. Jesus cried over Jerusalem. He cries now for our cities. Do we?

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