Mystical Rose

Mary,  Rosa Mystica
Feast: July 13    Spanish


"Pray for the priests and those consecrated to the Lord"

Patroness of our community
3 swords and 3 roses
Symbolism of rose in relation to Mary
Prayers to Rosa Mystica
   Litany of Rosa Mystica
   Purity of heart prayer

   Hour of grace
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Consecration to the Precious Blood
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Rosa Mystica is the patroness of our community

During our 2009 community retreat at the monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers Ga, our sister Penny brought the statue of Rosa Mystica and we reflected on the messages as shown below. Prayer, penance and sacrifice, specially for priests. She became our patroness.

Notice: The Marian title "Rosa Mystica" has a long history in the Church (below) and is included in the Litany of Loreto. Regarding the apparitions of the Rosa Mystica to Pierina Belli at Montichiari and Fontanelle, Italy, no official declaration has been made by the Church to date (Dec. 2011). The local bishop does welcome private pilgrimages and celebration of Holy Mass at the apparition site. 

We receive our faith from the Church and it is not dependent on private revelations. These messages remind us of truths that we already should know but need to bring to our hearts and put into practice. 

Three swords and three roses:

On the first apparition (1947) of Rosa Mystica to Pierina, she had three swords piercing her heart. She was sad and said:
"Prayer, Penance, Expiation"
Then she was silent.

On the second apparition of the Mother of God, June 13, 1947, instead of the three swords she had three roses over her heart: red, white and gold (yellow).

She explained the meaning of the three swords and the three roses:

The swords
-The first sword: Lost vocations
-The second sword:
Lost grace
-The third sword: Lost faith

By praying, sacrificing and doing penance we bring roses to our Mother and do reparation for the injury of the swords.

Rosa MysticaThe roses:
white rose White rose: "Prayer"                        
red rose Red rose: "Sacrifice with expiation"
yellow roseGolden-yellow rose: "Penance"    
"Penitence: acceptance of the little daily crosses - and also doing one’s work in the spirit of penitence."

"This three roses will make the three swords fall from the Most Blessed Hearts of Jesus and Mary" 

Apparitions of Rosa Mystica at Montichiari in chronological order >>>

red rose Symbolism of the rose in relation to Mary
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In antiquity the rose was considered a symbol of mystery. For Christians it became a symbol of martyrdom (Cyprian, Ep. 10) and of paradise (Catacombs of Callixtus, III C).  Tertullian (Adv. Judaeos, 9) and Ambrosius (Exp. Gr. Luc. II, 24) used the rose as a reference to the Davidic genealogy. The sprout (virga, bush) is Mary and Christ is its flower (rose).

The explicitly Marian interpretation of this symbol dates to the fifth century. Sedulius Caelius is the first known to call Mary a "rose among thorns" (Carmen paschale II, 28-31). Theophanes Graptos (Monk and metropolite of Nikaia, +845) uses the same symbolism to express Mary's purity and the fragrance of her grace (Oktoechos, Friday of the sixth week).

Saint Bernard, Father of the Church: "Eve was a thorn, wounding, bringing death to all; in Mary we see a rose, soothing everybody's hurts, giving the destiny of salvation back to all. Mary was a rose, white for maidenhood, red for love; white in body, red in soul; white in her seeking after virtue, red in treading down vice; white in cleansing her affections, red in mortifying her flesh; white in her love of God, red in compassion for her neighbor" 

During medieval times frequent Marian references were made to rose and rosebush inspired by Isaiah 11:1 ("...a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse and from his roots a bud shall blossom.") and Sir. 24, 14 ("like a rosebush in Jericho"). Both passages refer to God-graced fertility and growth, which Christians apply to the mysterious generation of Christ from the womb of Mary. Based on these two traditions the expression mystical rose was coined by the author of the Litanies of Loreto, and subsequently was used in hymns ("Es ist ein Ros...") and art (center of the labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres, France).

Mary herself has shown us her predilection for roses. In her apparition at Guadalupe, she had roses miraculously appear in the winter, to be taken by S. Juan Diego to the bishop as a proof authenticity of her apparitions to him. Mary even arranged them with her own beautiful hands in the tilma of S. Juan Diego.

A miraculous image of the Mystical Rose is venerated since 1739 at the sanctuary of Rosenberg, in the dioceses of Speyer, Germany. Three roses are painted on her pedestal, one white, one red and one gold.

At La Sallette, France, Mary appeared wearing rose garlands and roses on her slippers. Also at other approved apparitions: Lourdes, Pontmain, Pellevoisin, Beauraing and Banneaux, the Blessed Mother in various ways had beautiful roses.

Pope John XXIII, in 1962, asked that all pray to the Mother of God under the title of "Mystical Rose" to obtain the success of the II Vatican Council (Ancilla Domini Magazine, May 6-1962).

Pope Paul VI, 5 May, 1969, asked that the Holy Rosary be prayed and that the Mary be honored with the title of "Mystical Rose"

red rose Call to the Cross and to the fountain of grace.
Rosa Mystica apparition at Fontanelle
(Rosa Mystica's apparitions have two periods: The first is at Montichiari and the second, 13 years later, at Fontanelle, which is nearby)
"kiss the steps (humility), and have a cross raised here (proclaim the cross)
... that the sick and all my children ask my divine son forgiveness (Repent).
Kiss with great love the cross (love the cross) and then draw water from the fountain and drink (renew baptismal commitment for a renewal in the Holy Spirit)"  

“I desire that there be other souls (besides the religious) that live for generosity and love of sacrifices, trials, humiliations, to repair the offenses received by Our Lord from the consecrated souls that live in mortal sin".

Crucifijo en apariciones de Rosa Mística
Cross at spot where Mystical Rose requested it. Fontanelle, Italy.

The Blessed Mother appeared with Blessed Francisco and Jacinta of Fátima and presented them as models and examples of sacrifice. She asked for devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

She said that the advocation "Mystical Rose" symbolizes the «Fíat» of redemption and the «Fíat» of her co-redemption.

On september 8 of 1974, she said to Pierina: "I am Mary, Mother of the Church. For the Church, for the Holy Father, for the priests and for all the children for the Church. I ask prayer, prayer, prayer, so that the true love for the Lord and true charity may return to the hearts.

red rose The Hour of Grace on December 8

Rosa Mystica is patroness of the Love Crucified Family.

Dec 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

"Salvation is to be had only through a genuine renewal. But a renewal must, as throughout the Church’s history, start from the head and spread to the members"
"AT NOON ON DECEMBER 8TH I WILL APPEAR TO INITIATE AN "HOUR OF GRACE" for the conversion of hardened souls." 
It is my wish that every year, ON 8TH DECEMBER, AT NOON, THE HOUR OF GRACE FOR THE WORLD be celebrated; many divine and bodily graces will be received through this devotion. Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will send His overflowing mercy if good people will pray continuously for their sinful brother.
Whoever prays on these bricks and weeps tears of penance, will find a secure heavenly ladder and receive protection and grace through my motherly heart.

This Hour of Grace will produce great and numerous conversions. Hardened and cold hearts resembling this marble will be touched by divine Grace, and they will become faithful to Our Lord in loyal love


Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy steadfast love; according to thy abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!
For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.
Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done that which is evil in thy sight, so that thou art justified in thy sentence and blameless in thy judgment.
Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.
Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward being; therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
Fill* me with joy and gladness; let the bones which thou hast broken rejoice.
Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities.
Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right* spirit within me.
Cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.
Then I will teach transgressors thy ways, and sinners will return to thee.
Deliver me from blood guiltiness,* O God, thou God of my salvation, and my tongue will sing aloud of thy deliverance.
O Lord, open thou my lips, and my mouth shall show forth thy praise.
For thou hast no delight in sacrifice; were I to give a burnt offering, thou wouldst not be pleased.
The sacrifice acceptable to God* is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.
Do good to Zion in thy good pleasure; rebuild the walls of Jerusalem,
then wilt thou delight in right sacrifices, in burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings; then bulls will be offered on thy altar.

Apparition of Rosa Mystica, July 13 at parish

 This great feast of St. Mary, some thousand people had gathered from everywhere. Pierina Gilli had great difficulty in getting into the overcrowded parish church. She knelt down on the spot where the other appearances had taken place. While people were praying the Rosary, she exclaimed, "Oh, La Madonna!" (Our Lady). 

At once, there was a great silence. The pastor, Monsignore Abate Francesco Rossi, reported that many participants told him later, (though thousands of people were in the overcrowded church), it had become so still that one could hear the humming of a single fly. Our Lady appeared on a big white staircase which was decorated on both sides with white and yellow and red roses. Our dear Lady smiled and said, "I am the Immaculate Conception." And with great majesty, descending, she said, "I am Mary of Grace, that is, the Full of Grace, Mother of my Divine Son Jesus Christ."

Descending farther she continued, "I come here to Montichiari because it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as 'Rosa Mystica.' I wish people to celebrate each year on December 8th at noon the hour of grace for the whole world. With this exercise, one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces. Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will be abundantly merciful so long as good men go on praying for their fellow men. As soon as possible, let the Supreme Shepherd of the Church, Pope Pius XII, know it is my wish that this hour of grace be publicized and spread throughout the whole world. If someone cannot go to church at this time, he is to pray at noon at home, and he will receive graces from me. He who prays on these bricks and sheds tears of repentance will find a secure ladder to Heaven and get protection and graces from my Motherly Heart."

With these words Our beautiful and radiant Lady showed Pierina her Heart and burst into the following words, "Look at this Heart which loves human beings so very much, though most of them overwhelm it with abuses!" Here she paused a moment, and then went on, "When good people and bad people unite in prayer, they will receive mercy and peace from this Heart. At present the Lord has been merciful to the good ones because of my intercession. This has delayed a great judgment of God." Smiling, she went on, "Very soon, one will know how important this hour of grace is." 

red roseA Day of Mary each 13TH
She wished to have the 13th day of each month dedicated to her, a "Day of Mary," and on each July 13th dedicated to her title, Rosa Mystica, the Mystical Rose, Mother of the Church..
"Our Lord, my Divine Son, is tired of the many offences, the severe offences, the sins against holy purity… He wants to send another Flood of Punishment…I have interceded that He may be Merciful once more. Therefore, I ask prayer and penitence to expiate these sins.
I ardently ask the priests to admonish the people to not commit these sins any more. 
He will pardon so long as one does not commit them anymore. Penitence means acceptance of the little daily crosses - and also doing one’s work in the spirit of penitence."

red rose Prayers to Rosa Mystica
Prayer for priests to the mother of all priests

For unfaithful priests

O Mary, Rosa Mystica, Mother of Jesus and our Mother! You are our hope, our strength and our solace. In your motherly love, grant us from Heaven your Sacred Blessing, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rosa Mystica, Immaculate Virgin, mother of grace, we prostrate ourselves before you in honor of your divine Son, to plead for God’s mercy. Not on account of any merits of ours, but because of the kindness of your motherly heart; we beg for help and grace, in the certain knowledge that you will hear us. Hail Mary…

Rosa Mystica, Mother of Jesus, Queen of the Holy Rosary, and Mother of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, we pray for the gift of unity and peace for the world torn apart by discord, and for all the graces which are able to convert so many of your children. Hail Mary…

Rosa Mystica, Queen of Apostles, cause numerous priestly and religious vocations to flower round the Eucharistic altars of the Church, so that those called may, by the holiness of their lives, and their ardent love for souls, extend the Kingdom of your Son throughout the world! Hail Mary…

Hail Holy Queen…

Rosa Mystica, Mother of the Church, pray for us!

(With ecclesiastical imprimatur)

Mystical Rose, be thou blessed,
Mother of Divine Grace. Thou hast given to the whole of mankind thy divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Author of Grace.

Mystical Rose, be thou ever blessed!
Thy Divine Son, when dying upon the cross, obtained grace for us and thou didst co-operate with Him in this, when the sword pierced Thy soul.

Mystical Rose, be thou ever blessed!
Thou were chosen by the Heavenly Father to be the mistress of His treasures, stewardess and distributor of all His graces.

Mystical Rose, our mother!
Turn loving eyes upon the multitudes. We beg thee, we implore thee, we beseech thee, let all obtain the grace of God through holy Baptism, the sacrament of Reconciliation and all the other sacraments.

Mystical Rose, Mother of Divine Grace, let us all attain to the house of the Heavenly Father, for we are all Thy children and the children of God. Look upon my soul, which through sin is so poor and unworthy.

Mystical Rose, thou givest to whom thou willest. Thou givest when and as much as thou willest. I trust in thee; I open my heart to thee. Let thy light irradiate my soul. Make Thy motherly love cause my indifferent heart to glow. Fill me with Thy joy, Thy humility and Thy peace!

Mystical Rose, thou acceptest that thou art a mother with a special care for all those children who most require thy help. And so I seek thy help in all my bodily and spiritual needs. Very particularly I beg thee for the following grace . . .

Mystical Rose, thou art the mother of Jesus Christ and the mother of Divine Grace, Thou art the Mother of Mercy and the Mother of Life. Thou art our kind mother and our hope. Enclose me in Thy Immaculate Heart and hear my prayer. Amen.

Mystical Rose, pray to Jesus for us! (Three times)

Salve Regina . . . Hail Holy Queen . . .


1. The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary . . .

2. Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to Thy Word. Hail Mary . . .

3. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. Hail Mary . . .

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Let us pray. Pour forth, we beseech thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the incarnation of Thy Son was made known by the message of an angel, may by His passion and cross be brought to His glorious resurrection, through the same Christ, our Lord. Amen.


(Daily preparation)

Maria, Rosa Mystica, fragrant rose of mysticism, wonderful flower of divine knowledge, of purity and blinding beauty, of brilliant, shining glory, of power and overwhelmingly blessing love: we kneel before you to pray, to look, to listen; to look at you and inhale your heavenly perfume until we have, above all, taken something of your immaculate, pure, and perfect being into our inner selves; to pray that we should no longer, or above all, ask only for your gifts, for the salvation of, and help for, our body and soul; but to pray that we may become like you; that we may listen attentively and closely to every single word of yours which you have spoken not only in the past but even more so in the present, more frequently and more imploringly.

We do not always want to talk and beg but to listen and heed what you say, what your picture is already saying and asking us to do. We want to listen to your quiet motherly voice when it speaks to us so tenderly and consolingly with motherly understanding and warning. We want to open our hearts to you when Jesus is looking into the bottom of our soul, to remain steadfast, to force ourselves not to say again we have no time; instead to endure your sad glance even if we should blush and have to cast down our eyes.

Mary, fragrant Rose of Mysticism, please help us to take a look inside ourselves and to examine ourselves, how we shall be able to bear your glance and stand firm before you; help us to know ourselves better, especially in those areas of thought and deed which displease you; help us to become like you. We promise that we shall try. We also promise to imitate you. Please, help us to work on ourselves, to let your love shine wherever we are able to work, but especially for the priests and religious.

3 Hail Mary. . .

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who take refuge in you.


Maria Rosa Mystica – Mystical Rose, Immaculate Conception - Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ- Mother of Grace- Mother of the Mystical Body, of the Church;

You came down on earth to call upon us children of this earth to love each other, to unite, and live in peace. You request from us charity, prayer, and penance. We thank God from the bottom of our hearts that He has given you to us as Our Mother and Mediatrix in all our needs. Mary full of grace, please help me, I beseech you, and grant me my special intention . . . . .

You promised us your motherly protection, full of graces; gI am always very close to you with My motherly love.h

Rosa Mystica, Immaculata, Mater Dolorosa, please show me that you are my Mother, Bride of the Holy Spirit, and Queen of heaven and Earth. Amen.

Hail Holy Queen - Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we sigh, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. Ah then, our Advocate, turn thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the fruit of thy womb. Jesus, O merciful, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.


Consider: The extreme opposite to the Rosa Mystica: the dirtiest and most gruesome thing in the world; beauty and ugliness; the destruction of God and man in modern art, by the mass media, in the press, on radio and television; the destruction of all value and order before and in marriage, in education and at school, shameless fashion taken to extreme excesses; all this carried right into our churches and to the holiest places.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, please protect us from all shamelessness and degeneration, preserve in us the sense for good and evil; prepare us to do battle in defense for all that is pure. Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear us and pray for us.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: It is not enough to observe how desolate and catastrophic the general situation is. At first, one must oneself be prepared not only to refuse to go with fashion but as a penance, also to have to put up with something that is not really required, to go without something even if it is not sin. One ought to consider that one could also be guilty of a sin committed by others, by setting a bad example for them.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, grant that you will give us the true spirit of atonement, to fight the current of evil, to accept more often and voluntarily all the unpleasant things the more others fail you. Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear us and pray for us.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: Pious pilgrims in particular should note: "The reason prayers often do not bring the expected answer is because too little penance is done with the prayer.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, grant that we do not forget true penance and reparation with all our prayers, at home and on journeys! Please grant us the right spirit when we come to you. Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear us and pray for us.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: How to achieve all the before mentioned? Two things are needed.

1. Our Own effort to take time off, to think and meditate, to move away from television, celebrations, leisure etc.; to learn to differentiate, to learn to do without; to exercise moderation in food, drink, and sleep, etc.;

2. Meditation on the Holy Sacraments and Sacramentals, on the Holy Rosary, the Holy Scriptures, and the life of Saints.

In addition, a truly deeply religious and pious father confessor is needed as a spiritual director. This would be by way of one's own effort, of "active cleansing". God Himself will help us through His Grace and His Guidance even in sorrow, when we are humiliated, disappointed, and suffers set-backs. Become totally free for God; break away from all attachment to the world and people, be free for the incomprehensible Glory of God.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, grant that you may help us and lead us in our efforts. Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear us and pray for us.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: The Change. When God takes everything away from man which blocks his path to God; when He helps you to leave everything; when He takes away one's close attachment to people and things, even onefs consolations; when He leads you into the very darkest "night of the spirit without any consolation; when there is nothing but darkness and sorrow, and when one can still say like little St.Therese or Padre Pio: "I believe", then all natural things and created things are removed, and God is let flow the abundance of His Graces, knowledge and charism into one's body and soul without hindrance.

Let us dare to say this prayer with its full weight and accept its possible consequences as Brother St. Klaus the patron saint of Switzerland, ones prayed: "My Lord and my God, take everything from me, that may prevent me from coming to you. Give me everything that brings me close to you. Take me and do with me as you please!"

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: Together with Brother Klaus and the great Carmelites, St. John of the Cross, Theresa the Great, and little Therese, we are now on the right path of our true devotion of Mary, the veneration of the "Rosa Mystica", the "mystical rose", and we may speak the words of St. Louis de Montfort: "The quickest and easiest way to mysticism is Mary – the Rose of Mysticism".

At the same time we must, however, prevent ourselves from falling under the widely-spread misunderstanding to believe that x-many recited rosaries together with x-many pilgrimages and devotions have now given us the "ticket to Heaven", otherwise we deceive ourselves! St. Louis de Montfort knows very well how to differentiate between faked and genuine Marian devotion; not just any way leads to mysticism! Whole lists of wrong ways of Marian devotions are mentioned by him: e.g. the anxious way, the impertinent way, the superficial way, the selfish way (how much selfishness there is in spiritual intention!), etc.

Devotion to Mary must be genuine, needs inner preparation and cooperation; it needs devotion that is really trying hard not only to recite casually x-many beautiful prayers and "devotions" but also to inhale the real spirit of Mary; to do everything "with Mary, in Mary, for Mary"; to ask oneself consciously and with your innermost heart: "What does Mary want from me? What would She do in my place? How can I please Her? What would She certainly disagree with?" What changes would occur in the world, in the life of a person, in families, societies, and in nations if one were really prepared to be led by Mary.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, help us to know you more and more, lead us and guide us that we may be able to find the path to your mysticism. Amen.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: There is very little written in the Scriptures about mysticism (supernatural unity with God) in Mary's life on earth, and in Her transformation. Some general remarks only: "Blessed, full of grace" The conception in her womb- judging by the text of the Bible- can only be surmised with deepest reverence; in any event something extremely great and mysteriously enchanting happened when the infinite, eternal love was united with the most loving human heart that ever existed, and will ever exist; united in order to create a tiny yet infinitely great being. However, we do not only possess the Bible. The dogmas, the meditations, and writings of our great theologians and fathers of the Church, the revelation to mystics, whether male or female, all of them open the seed for us which is already contained in the Holy Scriptures, full of meaning. With what deep amazement do we read the "Mystical City of God", how fascinating the way in which she tells us about the Divine Powers and the ability of knowing, helping and loving, the ecstasies and raptures; glories that often remain hidden from many worldly and, sadly to say, ecclesiastical "experts".

There are still the many different apparitions of Our Lady in the world, and her revelations. There would be no end if we wanted to recount all the wonderful results and consequences which happened as a result of them: Her knowledge of the human heart, of a single person, of whole groups, nations and ideologies (e.g. Communism); Her insight in to Church world politics; Her blinding beauty and overwhelming goodness; Her geniality and knowledge of languages c just incredible; high and exalted above all artists and Nobel prize winners..

The results of mysticism are powerful.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, grant that mankind may find its way to the most beautiful things, to the glories of the supernatural that surpass nature itself. Please give us the fervor to seek this wonderful Divinity and lead to others to it so that they may learn to recognize how poor the delights and desires of this world are compared with Mary, the "Rosa Mystica".

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: The effects of Rosa Mystica in us. The more we are prepared to walk the path with Mary, the path She walked Herself, with inner devotion, with merciless self-control, in renunciation of all superficial pleasures; the more we work apostolically in Her Spirit: the more we imitate what is contained in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and mentioned in the Church's prayer for the Feast of the Holy Rosary, the more we shall then "receive what they promise". This then is our request, our prayer.

We pray: O God, whose only begotten Son has prepared for the treasure of eternal salvation through His Life, His Death and Resurrection, grant we beseech You that when we meditate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Most Blessed Virgin and imitate what they contain, we shall receive what they promise through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

3 Hail Mary . . .


Consider: The special intention of the Mother of God: vocations to priest hood and religious life.

Even if every Christian is called to holiness and mysticism, it is of even greater meaning and importance for the priests and religious. They should venerate and imitate their ideal, Mary the Rosa Mystica, in a special way; and this is something that is missing quite often, most of all in our seminaries, monasteries and convents. It ought, therefore, to be a special apostolate to spread the purpose and meaning of this devotion in those houses, for nowhere more saints and mystica are needed than there. The task of the laity will be to replace what is missing, through their own apostolate and a more zealous imitation of Rosa Mystica!

3 Our Father . . .

3 Hail Mary . . .

3 Glory Be . . .

For the sanctification of priests, bishops and religious; for special guidance and strength for the Holy Father.


Lord Jesus Christ, you have sent Your Mother as a wonderful example of holiness and mysticism and as an ideal and patroness for the priests and religious. We ask Your help to imitate Your Most Holy Mother more and more, to become souls of expiation and victim souls for those priests and religious, who fail you: You who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen


Love Crucified