To the Mother of all Priests

Also Prayers of the Apostolate of Mary, Mother of Priests

Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, under the Cross you became the mother of the apostles, and so also, the mother of all priests. Your house is the Church, your table, the altar; your servants are the angels, and your sons, the priests, change bread and wine, as of old the Lord said; "Take eat…this is My Body…Drink…This is My Blood!" He had not only earthly bread in mind, when He taught us the "Our Father"; He wishes himself to be out daily bread!

Ever faithful Mother, you wish your house, the Church, to be reserved and well ordered. Pray for a constant supply of priests, so that the daily bread of eternal life may always be supplied!

Send your angels into families, so that joy in the service of God may be cultivated, so that the service of the King may become their vocation.

And send again your angels, so that holy priests may lead these young men to the altar. What is needed is a holy crusade for God, an effort to preserve the purity of our holy Faith, and the good shepherd is more than ever necessary, now the wolf has broken into the fold.

Intercede also, Mother of all priests, for all those priests in peril or in error, who no longer see their way and their goal, and choose to follow their own opinions.

No mother deserts her child when it is in danger. Send then your holy angels with warnings so urgent that they cannot be ignored!

Mary, Our Lord’s Mother, hold out as ransom-money, to your divine Son, your hands, your heart and your tears; He will accept them all, and grant His priests, the true light, due strength and the joy they have lost awhile. Amen.



Love Crucified