Sacred HeartImprint O Lord, Thy Wounds in my Heart
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"Imprint O Lord, Thy wounds in my heart, that I may read therein suffering and love: suffering, that I may endure for Thee all suffering; love, that I may despise for Thee all love.

Write, my most loving Savior, write on my heart Thy wounds, that I may always behold therein Thy sufferings and Thy love. Yes, because, having before my eyes the great sufferings that Thou, my God, endured for me, I may bear in silence all the sufferings that may fall to my lot to endure, and at the sight of the love which Thou exhibited for me on the cross, I may never love or be able to love any other than Thee."

St. Augustine, Father of the Church, IV century.
Christ is true love that must dispel all other loves in our heart. We do not stop loving others, rather we love them with Christ's love. 


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