Recommendations for confession
Fr. Jordi Rivero

1 Examine your conscience in the light of the Catholic faith, not comparing yourself to the standard of the world but inspired by the saints.
2 Gaze upon Jesus crucified, repent and be open to His mercy.

3 Do not procrastinate to go to confession.
4 Be patient if it is difficult to get to confession.
5 Speak clearly but not loud.
6 Do not ramble. Be brief and to the point.
7 Confess all mortal sins in number and kind.
8 Do not be embarrassed. The Lord is pleased with that you are turning to Him. A good priest will grow in respect for a penitent.
9 Confess also all venial sins you remember. This will help you be free.
10 Tendencies, temptations and struggles are not sins if you did not yield to them.
11 Do not blame someone else. Do not solicit  pity complaining about what others do to you.
12 Listen carefully to the priest advise, penance and absolution.
13 Ask if you did not understand something.
14 Ask if you have any brief question but be sensitive to others waiting in line.
15 Answer any questions briefly and to the point.
16 Say the Act of Contrition.
17 Do not criticize the priest if he did not meet your expectations. Humbly pray for him and thank him.
18 Believe in God's forgiveness even if you don't "feel it"
19 Don't forget the penance.
20 Give thanks to the Lord and renew your commitment to be holy, knowing that you will be tested again in the same areas that you confessed.

Love Crucified