Who do you say that I am?

Words of Padre Pio and words received by Love Crucified Family. 
Our intention is to understand what the Lord is speaking to us in light of what He said to the saint. 

St Pio of Pietrelcina: Black print
Love Crucified: blue print in italics

Jesus tells me that in love it is he who delights me, while in suffering, on the other hand, it is I who give pleasure to him. Now, to desire good health would mean seeking happiness for myself instead of trying to comfort Jesus.

Your most perfect prayer is your pure suffering united to Me and My Mother. The prayer of pure suffering is the sweetest fragrance that reaches and delights the Heart of our Father. This is also the prayer that produces an abundance of fruit. This is the prayer that is most united to Mine as I intercede before the throne of My Father.

Yes, I love the cross, the cross alone; I love it because I see it always on Jesus' shoulders. By this time Jesus is well aware that my entire life, my whole heart is consecrated to him and to his sufferings.

Receive My wounds. My wounds are channels of healing grace. As you receive My wounds you become My instrument of healing grace for the world and My beloved Church...1/3/11 Receive the wounds that cost Me My most painful suffering – humiliations, rejection and ingratitude. My most sensitive Heart continues to suffer these wounds. The greatest gift to mankind, THE CROSS, is rejected by almost all. You (LC), are among the remnant that have received My Gift. It is only through this gift that they are set free from the chains that bind them. It is only through this gift that they enter perfect union with Me. It is only through this gift that they find JOY… Receive My wounds and give Me rest…1/5/11)

Ah, dear Father, pardon me for using this sort of language; Jesus alone can understand what I suffer when the painful scene of Calvary is enacted before my eyes. It is equally incomprehensible how Jesus can be consoled not merely by those who sympathize with his torments, but when he finds a soul who for love of him asks no consolations and only wants to be allowed to share in his sufferings.

As you embrace this pain and suffering you are embracing Me. You are embracing My pain and suffering and thus entering My Heart, for My Heart is all pain and love. This is My Mercy. To come to know the love of your Beloved is to come to experience My sorrow. This is why My Mother is the Queen of Sorrows, for it is she who lived most perfectly consumed in My Heart. My little one, this union of sorrows, must move your heart to love all, by suffering with silence, peace and abandonment for all your brothers and sisters, My sons and daughters. Exteriorly smile and tend to the duties of your vocation with detail and love but interiorly, through the arms of silence, live embracing your sorrows. In this way, you are embracing My crucified Body and soothing My wounds. This is the life of love.

When Jesus wants to make me understand that he loves me, he permits me to relish the wounds, the thorns, the anguish of his Passion. When he wants me to rejoice, he fills my heart with that spirit which is all fire and he speaks to me of his delights. But when he wants to be delighted, he speaks to me of his sufferings, he invites me in a tone which is both a request and a command to offer my body that his sufferings may be alleviated.

Receive My tear; receive My sorrows. My Heart is tortured with so much sorrow...Imitate My Mother. She suffered all My sorrows with Me... Receive My sorrows and give Me rest...(8/14/08)

Who could resist him? I realize that I have made him suffer exceedingly by my failings, that I have made him weep too much by my ingratitude, that I have offended him too grievously. I want nobody but Jesus, I desire nothing else(which is Jesus' own desire) that his sufferings. Allow me to say it, since no one can hear us, I am ready even to be deprived forever of the tenderness which Jesus lavishes on me, I am prepared to bear his hiding his beautiful eyes from men as long as he does not hide from me his love, for this would cause my death.

Will you be My follower, My daughter? Will you remain united to your Love Crucified till the end? Will you continue to abandon all your plans, desires, life to trust completely in Me? Will you allow Me to make you one with the Victim of Love, misunderstood, condemned, ridiculed, rejected, betrayed, humiliated? Will you receive all My wounds and radiate to the world the love of God? (4/20/11)


Love Crucified