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Islam. Founded by Muhammad in 622 based on revelations he claimed to have received from God through the angel San Gabriel. He established a military empire where the leader is the head of both the political state and the religious structure.

In just a decade Islam took by force a territory that includes present day Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In 635 they captured Damascus, in 640 Jerusalem fell, in 641 Cairo, in 642 Alexandria. Then they invaded and controlled all of North Africa. To the east, they invaded India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of China.

They crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and conquered Spain and Portugal. They were repulsed from France by Charles Martel in 732 AD. They continued to threaten Europe from the Iberian peninsula in the west, as well as from the East, against the Byzantine Empire. As a defense, Christians organized the Crusades but the Byzantine empired was conquered (including present day Turkey and the Balkans).

When Islam was poised to conquer the rest of Europe, they were miraculously defeated at the naval battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571 and at the gates of Vienna, Sept. 11-12, 1683. In both battles the Church asked for the intercession of the Blessed Mother. The first victory led to the feast of Our of the Rosary (Oct.7) and the second to the feast of the Name of Mary (Sept.12)

In the year 2000, for the first time the Muslim population surpassed the Catholics and by 2070 at the present trend, they will surpass the entire Christian population.

Muhammed taught immigration as a way to infiltrate and conquer when military means are  not yet possible. This strategy is now being implemented in a large scale. In many islamic countries Christians are persecuted in various degrees, in some conversion carres a death sentence. At the same time, in countries were they are a minority (for now), they demand Sharia law to be established and Christian values to be struck down. The West, having expelled Christianity from the culture seems ready to bow to their demans. 

According to Pew Research>>>, 27% of Muslims in the world believe that whoever converts from Islam should be executed. 53% of Muslims surveyed say they want Sharia law implemented and 42% of Muslims age 18-29 living in France believe that suicide bombing against civilians can be justified.

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