The Cross -If the world knew!
St Rafael Arnaiz

Oh! if the world knew what is to embrace fully, truly, unreservedly, with madness of love, the Cross of Christ...! How much time lost in discussions, devotions and exercises that are holy and good... but are not the Cross of Jesus, are not the best ...

Poor man who is worth nothing, what crazy is your pretense. Poor oblate, you drag your life following as best you can the austerities of the Rule, be content keeping in silence your your zeal; love madly what the world despises because it knows not;  adore silently that cross which is your treasure without anyone knowing. Meditate in silence at its feet, the greatness of God, the wonders of Mary, the miseries of men from whom you should expect nothing...  Keep your life in silence, loving, adoring and joining Cross ... what more do you want?

- Saint Rafael Arnaiz Baron (1911-1938), Spanish Trappist monk. Spiritual writings 03/04/1938. The Vatican site says about him: "From beginning to end he let himself be led through a series of bewildering contradictions and perplexities illness, war, the inability to pronounce his vows, abnormal community relations until he totally renounced himself. Humiliation was his constant companion. His one desire was to live in order to love: to love Jesus, Mary, the Cross, his Trappist monastery". I am attracted to this saint who died at 27, an apparent failure, like St Gemma, unable to make religious profession as he so much desired, stripped of everything but perfectly configured to Christ. Was canonized on Oct 11, 2009 by Benedict XVI. More >>>

"For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified"  -1 Corinthians 2:2.

La Cruz - ¡Si el mundo supiera!

¡Oh! si el mundo supiera lo que es abrazarse de lleno, de veras, sin reservas, con locura de amor a la Cruz de Cristo...! Cuánto tiempo perdido en pláticas, devociones y ejercicios que son santos y buenos..., pero no son la Cruz de Jesús, no son lo mejor...

Pobre hombre que para nada vales ni para nada sirves, qué loca pretensión la tuya. Pobre oblato que arrastras tu vida siguiendo como puedes las austeridades de la Regla, conténtate con guardar en silencio tus ardores; ama con locura lo que el mundo desprecia porque no conoce; adora en silencio esa Cruz que es tu tesoro sin que nadie se entere. Medita en silencio a sus pies, las grandezas de Dios, las maravillas de María, las miserias del hombre del que nada debes esperar... Sigue tu vida siempre en silencio, amando, adorando y uniéndote a la Cruz..., ¿qué más quieres? - San Rafael Arnaiz Barón (1911-1938), monje trapense español. Escritos espirituales 03/04/1938

"no quise saber nada, fuera de Jesucristo, y Jesucristo crucificado" -1 Cor 2:2

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