The love of Christ that dwells in our hearts moves us to give ourselves to all as one with HIM.  On this we will be judged. I have researched these websites and found them to be bona fide:

  • Aid to the Church in Need

  • This Vatican site puts you in contact with many missions: MISSIO.
    Info on Missio: It supports many Catholic proyects throughout the world. Proyect leaders answer four initial questions before they may submit a project to MISSIO. These questions verify that (1) they are affiliated with a Catholic institution (diocese, religious community, parish, school, clinic or hospital); (2) there project is in a country generally assisted by the Pontifical Mission Societies; (3) they are authorized to request funds for the project, and (4) they acknowledge that no funding will go directly to them, but be sent to them through the office of the Apostolic Nuncio in their country, through whom the Pontifical Mission Societies general support is distributed.

    In the project application itself, they provide contact information for their Diocesan Bishop, as well as Religious Superior (if that applies); those persons receive notification of the project. When a project reaches goal, the Apostolic Nuncio, as well as the same contacts (Diocesan Bishop and/or Religious Superior) are notified again, prior to distribution of the funds.

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