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This are only a few as the rest are integrated in other teachings.

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All papal teachings are important. Below are a few we have studied. Also>>>

Humility. The basin that purifies us is God Himself -Holy Thursday, 2006

The Cross>>

New Evangelization -Card. Ratzinger: "Evangelization means: to show this path... participation in the Cross... to the transformation of our life, which becomes the birth of the new man...". This path is the way of life of the Love Crucified community.  

Church will be small -Pope's prophecy published in 1969!
Gift of himself to the Church -Christian community in Christ's lifestyle / service / wash feet.

Good Shepherd, model for priests
-"When the weight of the cross is the most heavy, know that this is the most precious hour for you"/ Good Shepherd / Becoming sons of God.
Priests, letter to -"It was his fervent prayer life and his impassioned love of Christ Crucified that enables John Mary Vianney to grow daily in his self-oblation to God and the Church."

Relationship with God / Prayer
Faith and Charity Lent letter 2013.
Wedding Feast Why we say "no" to God; Need to taste God; God's failure.
Personal encounter w. Jesus vs. habit -Ireland.
Religion as a "Secondary Habit"
Logic of God vs. Our Logic -Apostles did not understand Jesus. / Pride.
Pillars: Perseverance, communio, breaking of bread, prayer
Participate in Christ / Rev 12  10/11/2010 -"to attract all things to Him" / The Christus Totus.
Philippians  -Prayer.
God Inspires Our Efforts to Know Him -11/14/2012

Joy/ suffering
Suffering -on Salvici Doloris Suffering / love / joy  "it is precisely in walking with the Lord's Cross that the journey will bear fruit.  Thus, I would say that before talking to others, we ourselves must understand the mystery of the Cross."
Joy in suffering -II Corinthian 13:11 Joy in all his sufferings and tribulations could not only say to the others "gaudete" but could say so because he was filled with joy. If the loved one, the greatest gift of my life, is close to me, if I can be convinced that the one who loves me is close to me, even in situations of suffering, the joy that remains in the depth of my heart is ever greater than all sufferings.
Ephesians 1:4-16  -Bound to Christ, suffering with joy, humility. 2/23/12
Sword of the sufferer brings peace  -Benedict XVI, Oct. 2011
Interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  March, 2016. Justification, Cross, Mercy

Sign of Times  Decline of civilization / conscience / priest scandals
Carmelite spirituality -Saint / Community / prayer / the way / harsh times.
Selections from other talks -Benedict XVI
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Pope francis

                 Pope Francis  
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Community; communion of saints.
Cross. Brazil
Holiness is for all

St. Paul Causes Trouble  ...may (the Holy Spirit) also give us the grace to feel uncomfortable about certain aspects of the Church which are too relaxed.
Suffer with / Closeness / touch
Triumphalism - "Jesus’ rule of triumph through failure. Human failure, the failure of the cross.
Worldiness blinds -Lazarus, rich man. The rich man “saw only his life and didn’t realize what was happening” to Lazarus.
Wounds of Jesus

"If we wish to follow Christ closely, we cannot choose an easy, quiet life. It will be a demanding life. But full of joy" - Pope Francis, 7-10-13.

Curiosity for signs and apparitions vs wisdom -"This is journeying in life with this spirit: the spirit of God, which helps us to judge, to make decisions according to the heart of God. And this spirit gives us peace, always! It is the spirit of peace, the spirit of love, the spirit of fraternity. And holiness is exactly this."


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